Expert Tips To Fill A Bean Bag Effectively

  • For optimal comfort, it's recommended to use 250 litres of bean bag filling, ensuring your bean bag is sufficiently plump and cozy for relaxation.

  • You can purchase your beans from popular retailers.

  • When filling your bean bag, we recommend doing it in a small space such as a shower or bathtub, to minimize mess. Seal the drain with sticky tape to prevent any excess beans clogging it.
  • Insert the white mesh liner into the vegan leather beanbag cover before filling. Ensure that the zippers of both the mesh liner and cover close at the same end - This is very important to make sure the liner fills the cover properly.

  • For safety, the zipper tags have been removed and you will need to insert a safety pin to slide the zipper across, this is designed so that little children cannot open themselves.

  • This is a 2 person job! Ask a friend or family member to hold the bag open while you pour in the filling.

Keep these tips in mind and let your kids enjoy the benefits of bean bags for a long time.

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